Music above Fighting

Powerful new Mini-Documentary from Masterpeace

MasterPeace wants to inspire everyone to use their talents for peace building and togetherness.

Everyday, thousands of MasterPeacers are working the world to build peace in their own communities.

Their website is the hub of this offline and online movement. (

Join the effort to start a peace movement:

    • 1. Creating the MasterPeace Concert

      On the International Day of Peace 2014 (21st of September) we will organize the most heartwarming peace concert ever. During this concert, the top artists from 14 of the world’s major conflict areas will perform together. Think about popular artists with ‘power of speech’ and many fans from for instance North and South Sudan, Russia and Chechnya, Pakistan and India, Israel and Palestine, bringing a message of togetherness and positivity, and a message to push back armed conflicts and nuclear arms. The event will be broadcasted internationally.

    • 2. Creating the MasterPeace WorldBand

      One of the other eye-catching moments during the MasterPeace Concert will be the performance of World Leaders and top musicians side-by-side in the MasterPeace WorldBand. Using music where words failed. The proud leaders of the WorldBand are Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu and the Colombian Grammy Award winner Juanes. In the coming years many others will follow. The artists will provide musical lessons to the world leaders and of course the footage of these rehearsals will create worldwide attention for MasterPeace and its goals.

    • 3. Creating MasterPeace Documentaries

      In the week before the International Day of Peace 2014 artists from 14 conflict areas will prepare their performance at the concert in 14 studios, supported by world-renowned artists as artistic mediators. At first some artists will hardly shake hands, but at the end of the week they will be friends or at least contact and dialogue will be established. That’s what making music can bring. This process and the exchange of visions, values, judgments, experiences and dreams will lead to beautiful documentaries, to be broadcasted worldwide and preferably in the conflict areas too.

    • 4. Organizing a MasterPeace Village

      In the week before the International Day of Peace 2014 Cairo – the biggest city of Africa – will be transformed into a Peace Village. The city will host several inspiring peace meetings. One of those meetings may possibly bring together thousands Mayors for Peace to launch  – with us – their global campaign to create a world free of nuclear arms by 2020. All over the city hotels, clubs, universities, theatres and museums will host artists, peace-workers,  marketers, NGO’s and social entrepreneurs for debates, seminars, workshops to fuel  peace building innovation and information exchange. Because minds are like parachutes: they work better if they’re open.
    • 5. Mobilizing millions of MasterPeacers

      Before 2015 we will have reached millions of people with our innovative campaigning including a 2.0 platform, several virals, RTV programs, social media activities, educational programs, MasterPeace Clubs, crowd funding, special songs, art events and an eye catching travel project. Because peace is a verb