Erik KulstadResearch Director ACMC; Co-Founder and CEO, Advanced Cooling Therapy; Emergency Physician; Clinical Associate Professor

“Tom is an extremely capable individual with outstanding skills in the legal and mediation arena, and a level of dedication that is truly commendable. I recommend him highly.”

Fiona Sievwright, CEO/Owner Artistic Developments

“Thomas Valenti does amazing work and is full of positive energy. I vehemently recommend Mr. Valenti!”

Nan Waller Burnett, Senior Mediator DRP, LLC. Adjunct Faculty at Regis University

“Tom Valenti is an amazing leader. He is supportive of those who work with him and inspires his team at Mediators Beyond Borders. He is the kind of person that if he says he is going to take something on, you can consider it done. He has sincere integrity and the highest of principles and ethics.”

Deborah Laufer, Founding Member at Mediators Beyond Borders

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tom while I have been on Mediators Beyond Borders. Tom brings so very much to the practice of ADR: years of expertise, true insights into conflict dynamics, humility and drive as to how mediators can help with intractable conflict around the world. Tom never stints in contributing of himself and his broad wisdom. He is a stellar example of an ADR professional.”

Jim Kopecky, Owner, Kopecky, Schumacher & Bleakley, P.C.

“Tom is a talented lawyer and a great mediator. I highly recommend him as a mediator. He is a closer.”

Jack Weber, Executive Vice President at Credentials Inc. and Owner, Credentials Inc.

 “Tom and I have known each other for over 40 years both personally as well as professionally. He is honest as the day is long and dedicated to his profession as well as his friends. You can’t find a better human being to call your associate.”


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