Mediation – The Benefits

At Valenti Law, mediation is not just about the process. We care about making sure you are comfortable with the type of mediation you have chosen and the way in which we deliver the service.

We will ensure that you are happy with the manner in which we facilitate the dialogue and we will remain sensitive to your needs and wishes.

Mediation can be a wonderful way to resolve conflict and diffuse a protracted dispute. So, what benefits does it offer?

  • Mediation is less expensive when compared with litigation and other adversarial systems
  • It is faster than conventional court processes and allows for quicker resolution of matters and a rapid settlement
  • It is an empowering experience: mediators facilitate outcomes, they do not dictate them. You are in control.
  • Agreements can be tailored to your needs: mediation allows you to fine-tune any agreement you make, so that matters both legal and non legal can be considered and clarified
  • Your mediated agreement is more likely to last than its litigated counterpart. And if a dispute should arise later on, it is more likely to be resolved using a co-operative rather than adversarial forum.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about mediation and how it works in practice. We  would be delighted to hear from you, however big or small the query.

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