Twitter Split Personality Dilemma

So a few months back I was advised to register for Twitter to “network” and drive attention to my blog, which would, in turn, create attention to my ADR ( mediation and arbitration) practice. So, I dutifully, did register, and have a Twitter account ( @valentilaw).

I was not a fan of Twitter at all. I tried to find people to follow that were also ADR professionals. There are plenty on Twitter. They “tweet” to very interesting articles, training organizations, their own blogs, etc., It became an overwhelming burden to sort through what was relevant and to keep up with all of this reading.

At some point in the process, I found some folks to follow who were following local restaurants, food and wine — allof which also interest me. Frankly, the food people are much more interesting. Theyu post about great meals and drinks they have had. The put up beautiful pictures of food they create, drinks they drink, and recipes to try.

So now I have this split personality on Twitter. I have some followers that fall into primarily these two groups. I wonder whether these fellow “tweeps” wonder whether this guy is really serious about hes legal work.

So the question — Did my Twitter account help or hurt the development of my mediation practice?