Sana’s Summer in the Sun

Mediation Musings

Kabul’s young peacekeepers soak in Goa’s tranquility

From the sand dunes of Kabul to the sandy shores of Goa, the team from Afghanistan hadn’t just crossed International borders, but traversed socio-cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds as they landed in Goa for the inaugural edition of Lex Infinitum. This was the first time a team from the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) participated in a dispute resolution competition. They could have easily lost themselves in the module and structure of the competition, but their eagerness to observe and learn, and their zealous efforts won the hearts of the experts and organizers alike. The team bagged the Spirit of Lex Infinitum Award.

Sana Ahmadi, an integral member of the team, found the environment, rules and structure of the competition to be unique, informative and interesting, but admitted the competition would remain special to her due to the presence of teams from other…

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