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“William Shakespeare, the greatest English poet and playwright, said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” The article is focused primarily on studies helpful in understanding negotiation insight that one, unfortunately, can’t always control but for sure should be aware of. The negotiation hooks described in the article are not exhaustive and only the most important ones are analyzed here.

“Good communication skills are vital to a successful, rewarding practice. You need to communicate well with your clients, staff , partners, associates, other lawyers, and vendors. Improving your communication skills will let you express yourself with more confidence” and some knowledge of negotiation insight or so called “negotiation hooks” will let you achieve the results fast and smoothly. It will also let you recognize techniques by which you could become a marionette in someone’s skillful hands. Some guidelines, like these, will make a difference because “before anything else, getting ready is the secret to success.”


“The psychological aikido’s main principle is the same as a classical physical aikido: using the force of the other party to gain control; switching the counterparty’s attention to succeed.

How does that work in negotiations?

One of the excellent examples of this approach is the fairytale “A fox and a crow.” A crow was on the tree having a piece of cheese in the beak. The fox wanted to obtain the cheese and started to praise the crow saying, “Sing, sing, please, your voice is so sweet, so unique.” After a couple of similar compliments the crow forgot about the cheese, opened the beak to sing, so the cheese fell down and was happily eaten by the fox.”

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Iryna Sokhatska is a practicing lawyer in Ukraine, and a recent graduate International LL.M student from IIT Chicago- Kent College of Law, Chicago, Illinois. isokhats@