Mediation for the ‘Bizee’ people

Mediation Musings

There is absolutely no room for enemies in the business world. Friction within and among enterprises and companies is not only common, but inevitable. What’s been read and seen in the media is just a fraction of the turmoil and conflict in the world, the rest is all a well-kept secret. The business community has quickly learnt that fighting cases through litigation is a wasted effort, as it amounts to unnecessary abuse of financial and human resources. The benefits of resolving conflicts amicably is more than just repairing the present; it’s about securing the future of the existing relationship.

As a prelude to Lex Infinitum 2016, an International Mediation event, a host of mediation professionals from Indian and abroad gathered at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula, for a session on ‘Mediation in the Business World’ on March 1, 2016. Andrew Goodman (United Kingdom), Tom Valenti (Chicago, USA), Anil Xavier (Kochin…

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