For those who have yet to find the value

For those who have yet to find the value in this, a timely reminder/nudge….

“Why Mediation In The Workplace?
Recognition and Understanding: When employees feel they are being heard and have the opportunity to hear and understand the other party’s point of view, the chance for an amicable resolution is heightened.
Self-Empowerment: The workplace is an environment in which employees feel they are normally being told what to do – mediation offers employees the opportunity to have input in the decision on how to resolve a situation.
Timeliness and Speed: Mediation can take place quickly and within a short period of time (often just a few hours). In contrast, a formal complaint filed with a regulatory agency or court can take years to resolve.
Cost Effective:Mediation is cost effective not only financially but also in human capital and time. Mediator fees are a fraction of the costs of the legal fees associated with a protracted conflict and litigation.
Confidential: Once a lawsuit is filed it becomes a matter of public record while mediations, by their very nature and contract, are confidential, regardless if a mediation takes place prior to or after a lawsuit has been filed (find out more at
Durability of the Mediation Agreement: Studies have shown that when disputing parties voluntarily enter into a mediation agreement they are far more likely to adhere to the terms of the mediation agreement since they helped draft and design the agreement rather than when a judgment is imposed by a court or regulatory agency.