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Another Deadly Rampage – Sound familiar?

We are introduced again to yet another troubled young person, who AFTER a killing spree, is identified as having a history as a “troubled” youth. Apparently the police found him to be “polite and courteous,” after investigating him at the request of family.

Yet, it now becomes known that he had written a lengthy ” manifesto,” and had posted several worrisome “rant” videos online. These were enough to prompt concern by the family, but not the police.

                    It appears that he was bullied as a student. Sound familiar?  

                    He was characterized as “emotionally disturbed.”  Sound familiar? 

                    He bought some guns. Sound familiar? 

                    He killed some innocent young people he did not know, and injured others. Sound familiar? 

                    He killed himself. Sound familiar?

                    Another candlelight vigil filled with tears. Sound familiar? 


This will all sound and be familiar until the people with the power to influence change, accept responsibility for these senseless acts, use that power to put laws into place that address the needs of young people, both the bullied and the bullies,  who need to be identified, treated and cared for in a safe and humane way, so that  more young people are not lost… 

                                          so that the familiar can becomes unfamiliar.