Join us for a Cyberweek Webinar – “Online tools in arbitration: A chance for lawyers and arbitrators to update skills” on Wednesday, November 2nd @ 12:00pm Eastern

Program Description

“In a time where there is widespread criticism of arbitration as too costly, and takes too long, Arbitrators need to distinguish themselves from the rest of the field by updating their skill set.  This one hour webinar will show you how to use an online tool that brings added value to your practice to make dispute resolution processes more efficient. This webinar will show how an arbitrator can expedite the arbitration process by using a simple low cost online tool to take testimony from a witness, allowing him to share documents, draw on photographs and show videos, and to illustrate his expert testimony. This can be done with everyone in different locations and using different devices. All of this can be video recorded and shared creating an instant record at no additional cost. Attendees will learn basic techniques and will see a video demonstrating the simplicity of the tool. Following this there will be a Q&A session.”

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Evening the playing field – enforcement of arbitral awards vs foreign court judgments

evenEvening the playing field – enforcement of arbitral awards vs foreign court judgments

“Achieving success in a formal legal dispute is only half the battle. Despite a resounding legal victory in a court or arbitration, a business may still lose the war if they are not able to enforce their hard won judgment or award against the defeated party. Many successful disputes have actually resulted in substantive monetary losses for the victorious party because they failed to ensure ahead of time that the judgment or award would be valid in a jurisdiction where the other party has assets.”  ……