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  1. Mediators are versed in the acautl laws of your state. They are your first line of defense, and if you can’t come to an agreement there then you have to go before a Judge, but trust me when i say you both will get a better deal by going through mediation. The mediator can also be contracted to draw up a legal agreement and submit it through to the court.You have two other options. One, you can work it out together, and come to an agreement. The result of this is typically one person 3 years from now thinks they got shafted in some way, and wants to increase visitation and or child support, and without a legally binding contract the whole civil agreement goes to crap because it was never legally binding in the first place.The other option is going to court. Court can be scary and the Judge can decide things that neither of the parents acautlly want. In almost every state mediation is required before court, so why not try that route first.Just make sure you are even legally able to go through mediation. Often times if the parents weren’t married first paternity has to be established for the dad to even get visitation, and just because you both agree he is the dad, doesn’t make him the dad in the eyes of the law.References : ///////////

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